Cod Hole and Ribbon Reef Operators Asociation
CHARROA is based in the Cairns and Port Douglas area of North Queensland and is an incorporated association of tourism industry marine operators who primarily conduct scuba diving and snorkelling activities in the Cairns section of Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea marine areas of Australia.
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Welcome to CHARROA

CHARROA was established in 1992 by local tourism operators as a body of like-minded tourism industry operators to facilitate liaison and good relationships between the members of the association and related government bodies and authorities with a view to promoting the future good management and preservation of the Great Barrier Reef, Cod Hole, Ribbon Reefs, and the marine environment in general, for sustainable and orderly tourism and scuba diving development.

One of the primary objects of CHARROA is to establish, install and maintain permitted moorings within the Great Barrier Reef and in the Coral Sea for use by its members. Locations of the moorings are primarily on the Ribbon Reefs, at the Cod Hole and at Lizard Island and on locations in the Coral Sea such as Osprey Reef, Bougainville Reef and Flinders Reefs.

These moorings allow CHARROA to offer high quality scuba diving and snorkelling sites to its members and their passengers.

CHARROA is open to any party interested in marine activities on the Great Barrier Reef, particularly locations in the section north of the city of Cairns and east to the Coral Sea. Its intent is to act as a representative body of industry to provide a forum of debate and formulation of policy and to provide an effective cohesive interface with State and Federal government and other agencies including the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. We believe this has, to a large degree been achieved, as evidenced by the issue of permits and installation and management of private moorings to date.

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Code of Practice

CHARROA has a Code of Practice with the aim of ensuring long-term sustainable usage of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the marine environment in general including the preservation of coral reefs and safe vessel and scuba diving procedures.